Filipino Comfort Food Recipes

The allure found in filipino comfort food recipes starts with the ingredients, they are basic yet always fresh and savory. The main staples found in Filipino comfort foods consist of a hearty carbohydrate such as rice or noodles, often they are soaking in a rich flavorful broth or a warm stew consistency of gravy. On top of the rice or noodles there are meats such as slices of pork or seafood.

A common feature of comfort food deriving from the Philippines, is it can usually be served in a bowl, this is not only convenient but it also allows the dish to continue to marinate together as you eat it. One of the most notable characteristics is the rich aroma found in these foods, this is a result of the potent herbs, spices and flavorings such as ginger.

Filipino comfort food dessert recipes are often a combination of a steamed of cooked island fruit, for example bananas, drizzled with a delectable sauce such as dark chocolate. These comfort foods can be easily recreated at home to resemble the flavorful culture found in Filipino comfort foods.